Radiant Om Heart

The Radiant Om Heart is an amalgam of symbols from my art and sacred traditions.
The story goes something like this...

Greg Godec's symbol right side of radiant om heart

This symbol was a central theme in my art for the last 5+ years. It simply represents a radiant being with a divine source and I took to thinking of it as "me". From there, it came in a moment that Om and the spirals of emotion (Sadness, Peace, Joy) merged perfectly with this symbol and created a complete heart.

complete radiant om heart symbol

Om, as the Cosmic Sound — Pervading all things, causing our very cells to bring forth emotional responses. We all know deep in our souls (and through peer-reviewed scientific study) that sound and emotional response are linked in both a deeply personal and Universal way.

Some months later in November '05 it became obvious that this would be the tattoo I got. I did a rune casting to go in the legs of the heart. The rune casting fit the symbol elements and was the catalyst that completed the three step deconstruction shown below

May your Heart be filled with the Joy of knowing you Are One

Greg Godec's symbol right side of radiant om heart

Greg Godec

Radiant Om Heart deconstruction with Raidho rune


The Way
The Path
The Wheel

We are human, with the Spark of Divine Force within, radiating our being into the world as we journey through time

Radiant Om Heart deconstruction with Dagaz rune



We are Divine, awakening each day to the essence of our Oneness, seeing the illusion of duality and separation disappear in the eternal Om

Radiant Om Heart deconstruction with Sowilo rune


Life Force
Light Energy

We Are, present in the moment, Whole. Complete in our humanity of emotions – joy, peace, and sadness – bound together in the heart with our Divine Self experiencing the gift of Now